We’re proud to welcome Swim Secure as a sponsor to the Crantock Biathlon. They produce a wide range of innovative open water tow float products. To view their range visit –

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The Crantock Biathlon have taken a little time out and reviewed some of the fantastic tow-float based products from Swim Secure. Here’s what we thought.


CRANTOCK BIATHLON 2018 : We’ve stuck to the same winning formula for 2018. There has been quite a bit of erosion at Crantock, so there is a chance we may have to alter the route on a couple of the races.


CRANTOCK JUNIOR BIATHLON 8-14 YRS : After a successful debut year with this event last year we’re back with the same course…although slightly longer. The event starts with a 300m soft sand run, followed by a tidal-assisted 300m swim…and repeat (2 laps of the course) & 3 laps for the older children.




CRANTOCK 2K’ER SWIM ROUTE : After a reasonably productive morning with the Crantock Biathlon team we’ve finalised the Crantock 2K’er Swim route. Goes something like this… Obviously there’ll be more water in the Gannel at the time of swimming!

Crantock 2K'er Swim 2017